Visual Effect of waterstones' advertising project on the wall corner located in the stair

Waterstones' Promotion Advertising

Qiuhong Xu (Ivy)
Waterstones' Promotion Advertising 

Overview / Summary of the Brief
Create motion works for the Waterstones' promotion advertising, which should be demonstrated in specific site and have certain meaning.

The major aims of the works are to attract audience to buy the Waterstones and produce mass attention in centralized locations.

Target Audience



My first book-Motion Graphics Design

Title for the book:  
Motion Graphics Design- how to be a Motion Graphics Designer
This book introduces basic information of Motion Graphics Design, which is good for a new learner of motion graphics. This book includes basic introduction of Motion Graphics and fundamental principles as well as paradigms. Except that this book will cover the methods of how to analyze motion graphics works and also give some personal motion works.

Content of this book
Part 1. Introduction
1.1 Brief History of Motion Graphics
and Key works (key figures)
1.2 Common application of Motion Graphics
Part 2. Paradigms of Motion Graphics
Part 3. Animation Principles applied in Motion
Part 4. Analytical approach
Part 5. Process of creating Motion Graphics work
5.1 Brief
5.2 Critical thinking
5.3 Concept development
5.4 Iteration
5.5 Testing


Beads Craft advertising

This is an advertising for Beads craft products.

Designer: Qiuhong Xu

Beads Craft Online Advertising

Overview / Summary of the Brief
Create a piece of online advertising to promote Beads Craft products.

Beads Craft was a high level of the craft design. All the crafts were handmade work. The advertising need to introduce and demonstrate the feature of the products.

Your Challenge is to engage the function the products and motivates the people to generate the participation of crating their own beads craft or purchase the finished item as a gift to their family and friends.

Target Audience
Handcraft community and almost whole society.

Beads Craft was a unique, high level of design. All the crafts were handmade work. We were specialized in the Beads Gift industry.
We are doing the market research for 5 years, all the items got focused customer. The beads flowers are focus on the adult 25-60 years old. The beads fruit are focus on the young people 16-25 years old. The beads animals are focus on the children 1 – 12 years old.

About the Designer

Beads craft was designed by Aiying Xia who was a handcraft teacher in Chinese Community Association Birmingham UK for 16 years. Designer Aiying Xia skillfully designed a series of handmade beaded crafts, which included the key rings, car charms, window charms and home decorations. She using the fishing line collects different beads together. All the items are the original design for 1 - 1.5-hour handmade work. Beads craft was ideal gifts for the family and kids.

Visual development



Some tests for iPad online Interactive advertising

In order to enable me further understand the knowledge about new media & technology and broaden my skills of motion graphics, I created three simple practices for this brief. I think I should consider different placement rather than just over the web, like in the public environment or other interactive platform. 

 1. First part 

when the viewers click the button, it will continues to show the following content.


iPad online Interactive advertising

Overview / Summary of the Brief
Create a piece of interactive advertising for iPad, which placed online.

The major aims of the interactive advertising are to promote the use of iPad and demonstrate the different features of iPad.

Target Audience
 Creativity society.

The slogan of iPad: “There’s more to it, and even less of it.” iPad has two cameras for Face Time and HD video recording. The dual-core A5 chips, the same 10-hour battery life. All in a thinner, lighter design. Now iPad is even more amazing. And even less like anything else. And it makes surfing the web, checking email, watching movies, and reading books so natural, you might forget there’s incredible technology under your fingers. iPad has various section: see bigger smiles with Face Time, shoot HD video, take fun photos in Photo Booth.surf the web, check email, watch movies, play games, listen to music, read, write, and more. Let’s just say your hands are full.
Tone of Voice
-       Be clear (straight to the point)
-       Be positive
-       Be creative

Mandatory Inclusions

-       The content of the interactive advertising must build the brand awareness.
-       The work must entice viewers to interactive/play with it.
-       Making sure the interactive ads incentive and engagement.

Key criteria of this brief 

1.    Must making the work related to interactive online ads

2.    Has to demonstrate the special feature of iPad

3.    The content of the ads should build the App brand awareness

4.    Make sure interest viewers to interactive/play with it


Motion Graphics in Interactive Media

Today’s digital interfaces provide highly engaging sensory experiences that facilitate our ability to access and process information. The concept of motion in interactive media has introduced new design possibilities and has afforded motion graphic designers opportunities to exercise their talents beyond the motion picture and television screen.
There are two main medium of interactive media: online and offline.
1. Motion Graphics over the website
    As the Internet continues to glow, more and more website combined motion graphics. I analyzed some visual examples of different section in website, like Animated navigation system, Animated transitions and Splash page animations.
    (Interactive ads)
    Experience HTC Sense in an interactive world that weaves real-world scenarios that incorporate various HTC features.
    (Interactive ad)
    For 27 years PNC has been calculating the cost of Christmas based on the price of each of the gifts in the “Twelve Days of Christmas”. Explore this year’s index in a whole new way with this interactive pop-up book.    
     One of the Coca-Cola display ads found on bannerblog.com.au that placed on Yahoo (http://kr.yahoo.com/) in South Korea is creative. It fulfills part of Ogilvy article suggested on Internet advertising creative tips. Start with brand awareness to capture audiences’ attention, increased the reach, then entice people to interactive / play with it. And trigger emotional bonds between Coca-Cola and the audiences with rich media animation.     
    2.  Outdoor interactive advertising
    Basic principles of interactive advertising:
    ·       Brand awareness: capture audiences’ attentionincreased the reach
    ·       Creativity: entice people to interactive/play with it
    ·       Incentive: Appropriate incentives are used to achieve click-through.
    ·       Placement
    ·       Engagementconnect with the main content/style of website)


    Basic principles of sound design

    Sound is a vital aspect of motion graphics design. It’s been said that the visuals in a motion graphics project are only half the final product; that it isn’t truly complete until it's been fitted with sound. Recently, I read one book called " Audio Vision-sound on screen" by Michel Chion, which introduce the relationship between sound design and image in film.This is the best book I have seen so far on theories for sound design. I applied these theories into my Motion Graphics works.
    I concluded five basic principles of sound design  in this book.

    1. Synchresis: This is come from the two words " synchronism” and “synthesis”, it is a mental fusion between a sound and a visual when these occur at exactly the same time. 

    2.Acousmatic: Acousmatic sound is sound one hears without seeing their originating cause - a invisible sound source.

    3.Extension (of sound space):  Build the image an environment, it happened beyond the borders of the visual field or within the visual filed around the characters.

    4. Empathetic: Music or sound effects whose mood matches the mood of the action,  
    the ability to feel the feeling of others, like sadness, happiness, and movement.

    5.Anempathetic sound: Anempathetic sound usually diegetic music - that seems to exhibit conspicuous indifference to what is going on in the film's plot, creating a strong sense of the tragic. 


    Screening 2011- news relate to MG

    Screening 2011

    Submissions to a unique open exhibition are to be displayed for free from 2 February to 27 March.
    SCREENING 2011, an open exhibition for artists working in film and video, received entries from across the world after a recent call for submissions.
    In total, The Public will be displaying work from around 20 upcoming and established artists, based regional, national and internationally, having received entries from across the Black Country as well as a far a field as Bulgaria, USA, Albania and Peru.

    SCREENING 2011 features a diverse selection of moving-image works including a beautifully executed animation created using the eighties electronic game Sky Attack by Birmingham based Chris Stokes and a consideration of excluded histories in archival news footage by South Korean artist Hyewon Kwon.

    The West Bromwich arts centre, famed for its commitment to digital arts features a number of fixed interactive artworks including work by Blast Theory and Utani, together with a changing programme of work by internationally renowned artists.
    The open exhibitions will prove a rare opportunity for early career and professional film and video artists to showcase their work alongside such distinguished artists.

    Find out more about TOUCHInteractive, the UK's first open exhibition for interactive artists.

    Experimental Filming Section

    Live-action can be a very important tool to Motion Graphics learning. So in this section, just think about the range of props that can be used including physical materials to demonstrate a range of textures, materials, shapes, patterns, rigid to flexible etc, glass and mirrors / reflections, liquids that can include colours (inks and dyes) plus objects in liquid, motion, flow etc, gases such as smoke and even air / wind, lights including different lenses, colour gels, positioning. All of these elements can be filmed in almost infinite ways.

    Title: Experimental film- ink
    Designer: Qiuhong Xu

    This work is an ink experimental video combined with graphic elements like typography, which using to express the meaning of life. Making the typography interactive with the ink to show the idea: life is beautiful but short just like somke, flower, blood etc.
    The soundtrack utilized in this video also emphasis the emotion of this work. 

    Ireland MTV Identity

    MTV identity more focus on different feature, texture and more special compare with other TV identity.

    Title:  Ireland MTV Identity
    Designer:  Qiuhong Xu

    'MTV Sheep'

    Overview / Summary of the Brief
    Create a piece of motion graphics work about TV Identity for MTV Ireland Channel.

    In order to further regionalize its UK & Ireland feed to include a separate version for Ireland under the branding MTV Ireland. Making the channel features localized advertising and sponsorship for the Irish market.
    Target Audience
    Young person, and who like music.


    MTV Ireland is a 24- hour entertainment channel operated by MTV Networks Europe. The channel launched on February 22, 2004.
    The channel features localized advertising and sponsorship for the Irish market. The channel also hosted a local show 'MTV News' and 'MTV the Festival Show'. The channel, which is based at the MTV Networks Europe headquarters in London, also hosts a local office in Dublin. The channels identity was created by Image Now (previously Chemistry) supported by the 'MTV Sheep' campaign.
    As of July 1, 2009, MTV Ireland shares the same on-air identity and content as other global MTV channels.

    Tone of Voice
    -      Be clear (straight to the point)
    -      Be positive
    -      Be creative
    Mandatory Inclusions
    -      The content of the work must related to the title “ MTV Sheep”.
    -      The visual work must include a closing screen at the end which should include the MTV Ireland channel logo.
    -       Making sure the identity related to the channel features.

    Analysis of this berif
    Restate the question:
    1: How to make connection with MTV channel?
    2: How to express the theme (MTV sheep) using motion work?
    3: How to make the channel features localized advertising and sponsorship for the Irish market?
    4: what's the creative idea?
    Key criteria of this Brief
    1. Make reference to the MTV Ireland Channel and the title "MTV sheep".
    2. Has to base on the channel feature (24-hour entertainment channel)/ central theme("MTV sheep").
    3. Make sure establish the tone of the channel and affect how the audience perceives and sustains the believability of the message.
    4. Has to attractive and recognizable.
    Visual development
    1.visual concept

     2.visual concept

    TV Channel Identity is a complicated section for motion graphics designer to research. Because it not only included basic paradigms like sound, typography etc, but also require clear communication goals and specific audience. In this stage, I need to know how to deal with multiple elements to create a piece of professional level Motion Graphic work. So I will try to work on this TV identity design, getting me to be a specialist of MG.